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Bath and Vanity Lights

Types of Bath and Vanity Lights

Bath lights, or vanity lights, provide great general illumination in the bathroom and often work well in conjunction with ceiling lighting. The multiple bulbs provide excellent task lighting for daily grooming activities due to both the amount of light they produce and the spread of the light sources themselves.

Bath and Vanity lights are usually rated for damp environments, however some are not. Make sure to select a damp rated fixture if your bathroom includes a shower.

Bath and Vanity lights come in a variety of different shapes and styles. A Bath Bar or Vanity Strip is a simple, long backplate with multiple sockets mounted directly in the backplate. Often, a Vanity Strip will not even use shades, but instead is designed for use with frosted type G (globe shaped) bulbs. A Bath Bracket also has multiple bulbs, like a Bath Bar, but the sockets are held away from the wall by arms and typically utilize shades. Many bath brackets can be installed with the shades opening either up or down, depending on your preference. A Bath Bracket may have a long backplate, like a Bath Bar, or a smaller backplate where the multiple arms converge. Linear Bath Lights typically utilize fluorescent tube bulbs, and are characterized by one long shade or diffuser.

Selection and Positioning

A Bath and Vanity fixture should be almost as wide as your mirror. It should be installed centered above the mirror about 75 to 80 inches from the floor. Placing a wall scone on each side of the mirror at least 28” apart and 60” above the floor will avoid shadows and provide the best task lighting for grooming.

Where to Buy

Lighting New York has a large selection of Bath and Vanity Lights in every style.