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Outdoor Fixtures

Like their indoor counterparts, outdoor fixtures come in a wide variety of shapes and styles.

Outdoor Ceiling Fixtures

Outdoor Close-to-Ceiling fixtures, like Indoor Close-to-Ceiling fixtures, mount directly against or near to the ceiling and are primarily used to provide general ambient lighting. Besides some design differences between indoor and outdoor ceiling lights, outdoor ceiling lights must also be UL rated for outdoor conditions.

Outdoor Hanging Fixtures

Outdoor Hanging Fixtures are suspended from their mounting point by a chain.

Outdoor pendants, often resembling old candle lanterns, make a welcome addition to a covered porch. Outdoor chandeliers are perfect for the new outdoor living spaces designers are using to expand our homes.

Outdoor Wall Fixtures

Outdoor Wall Fixtures, often resembling old candle lanterns, are a good choice for lighting on one or both sides of an exterior door, and can also be placed to the sides of garage doors.

Selecting the right size for an outdoor wall lantern can sometimes pose a challenge. If using a single lantern, it should measure one-third the height of the door. For a two-lantern installation, they should each measure approximately one-fourth the height of the door. In either case, the center of the bulb should rest 66 inches above the threshold of the door.

Where to Buy

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