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Portable Lamps

Portable Lamps can deliver general, task, and accent lighting, while giving you the flexibility to move the light whenever you want. Portables are free-standing, non-mounted lights (or lamps) that can be picked up, moved and plugged in anywhere there is an electrical outlet. Portables are unique, as all other lighting is generally direct-wired into your home.

Floor Lamps

When planning lighting for your home, floor lamps can help you in many ways. They are a great source of general illumination and as such can really help light up dark corners and larger rooms. Floor lamps can also act as an under layer of light, creating task lighting right where you need it. Obvious examples of how this works would be floor lamps next to your favorite reading chair or a floor lamp casting light down onto your desk. Of course, one of the great advantages of floor lamps is the flexibility of moving them right where you need them, so the choice is yours.


A Torchiere is a tall floor lamp with a bowl-shaped glass that diffuses the light and directs it upward. The term torchiere comes from the French word “torche,” for torch.

Tochieres are a great part of any lighting design because they offer all of the beauty you find with other lamps but because the light points up you never have to worry about glare. In addition, with the glass of the torchiere opening upwards, you are able to use higher wattage bulbs so you can light up a larger area with just one lamp. Because of this, torchieres are a great addition for general lighting and have the great advantage that you can place them wherever you have an outlet and a dark spot.

Table Lamps

Table lamps serve many purposes when designing lighting for your home. Obviously, they are there to provide illumination, but the attractiveness of the lamp itself makes it a key design element as well. Table lamps come in a variety of styles, including Tiffany glass.

Table lamps work well and look great in the living room, den, bedroom and family room. Placed on a table next to a chair, sofa or bed, they can provide illumination for reading and add an additional layer of light, as well as an attractive piece of décor, whether or not it is switched on.

Desk Lamps

A Desk Lamp is a smaller, more task oriented portable lamp, with generally less decorative appeal than a table lamp. Desk lamps cast direct lighting onto a working surface, which is typically the same surface upon which they sit.

Desk lamps should be 16 inches above the work surface and 13 inches from the front of a desk.

Where to Buy

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